Cafe Racer is an unconventional style that is constantly creating since the sixties of the twentieth century. It is contribution of people for whom the transience of moments, friendship and freedom, it is not just empty words, we can explore today, and even co-create. Good rock, leather jacket, people with passion and mainly personally made motorcycle are inherent elements of this culture. I have already my two wheels, and the process of creating I recall as unusual time. First of all, because it is damn cool to see how the project holed up in my head becomes real. As with every hour of work in the workshop increasingly taking shape, and also because I could spend it together with my dad for what I thank him here and now.



120 h


SeatThe seat was made to order in the company ARMJ. It consists of two filling materials - first at the bottom with a hard structure and a second on top of soft structure. It was finished with brown leather upholstery of the highest quality.
Clip-onsClip-ons consist of a steel tube and the aluminum attachment of diameter 41 mm. The whole was polished.
FendersFenders were handmade from sheet with a thickness of 2mm. The rear fender is mounted to the swingarm. It was sandblasted and painted by spray.
Exhaust pipesThe exhaust pipes were cleaned and painted with heat-resistant color and wrapped heat-insulating tape of thickness 2mm.
Headlight bracketsHeadlight brackets were handmade from stainless metal. They have been sandblasted and powder coated. They contain threaded holes, which are mounted front direction indicator lamps.
EngineThe original engine of the motorcycle Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty has been refined and was glass blasted. Also gaskets and washers were exchanged.
FrameThe frame was modified - the rear part was shortened and trimmed, and in its place was welded into a new straight part of frame,which was rounded at the back. Apart from this we also added the shelf on which was positioned the electrical part. Everything was sandblasted and painted with powder.
SilencersChrome silencers in megaphone style with detachable tip with a length of 44cm and a diameter of 9,3cm.
HeadlightThe original headlight was painted black, and the glass was polished.
TaillightThe chrome lamp case is made of metal. From the bottom of the lamp's lighting registration plate.
Battery boxThe battery box was handmade of a stainless metal and attached to the swingarm. At the bottom of the box and the cover were mounted vibration damping material.
MirrorsRound mirrors were made of chromed metal and attached to rear of the steering wheel.
Turn signalsTurn signals were made of chrome-plated metal. Rear direction indicators were mounted directly to the frame, and the front ones were assembled bracket of the headlamp.
SpeedometerChromed speedometer in the style of the 60s with four LEDs - LED of neutral race, oil alarm LED, LED traffic lights and LED direction indicators.
TachometerChromed illuminated tachometer in the style of the 60s.
Oil filterChrome-plated oil filter.
TankThe original tank was spray painted. We have cut off from its attachment of side fairings.
RimsRims were sandblasted and powder painted.
ForksOriginal forks with a diameter of 41 mm were polished.
Heated gripsThe standard grips changed into heated grips. The two-stage heating controller has been mounted under the seat.
Fuel capThe original fuel cap has been polished.
Air filtersThe conical air filters with a diameter of 52mm made to order in the company Proton.
HornHorn has been mounted on a fork just under the headlight.
EmblemEmblem was made according to the project has been placed on both sides of tank and covered with colorless varnish.
SwingarmSwingarm was sandblasted and powder painted.
Side standSide stand was sandblasted and powder painted in the black color.
GripGrip of the counter and tachometer was handmade from stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm.
Clutch leverClutch lever has been polished, and its handle was sandblasted and powder painted in the black color.
Brake leverThe brake lever has been polished and its holder and master cylinder has been sandblasted and powder painted in black color.
Logo on top clampIn place of attachment of the standard steering wheel was bolted special leather-covered ledge from which it had been cut emblem.